We are the Angry Coders

The Angry Coders are a crack team of tech nerds, creating powerful, innovative, mind-blowing software and hardware for businesses of all sizes.

We’re called the “angry” coders because we’re defiant, creative, and boldly independent. We don’t just think outside the box; we laugh at the box and make a new, better box, with flashing lights. And a touch-screen. And a fleet of automated drones.

We specialize in doing the “impossible” - so come on, throw your biggest challenge at us! We double-dog dare ya!

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Spartacus, the dynamic toolbox

Our flagship product, Spartacus, is a database and control system like no other. It evolves, adapts, and expands to ever-changing needs, just like your business. Spartacus is infinitely customizable, easy-to-use, AND scalable to Enterprise data-volumes.

No more downtime for upgrading! No more overpaying for bandwidth you don’t need! No more waiting for weeks when you need a new field or feature! Spartacus is the solution for every business, big or small.

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Rejecting the Ethics of Greed

Posted 22 Jun 2014 by Steph  

Why are the Angry Coders so angry? Well, for starters, we're frustrated by the business 'game' we’ve encountered so far. The culture of greed, the self-serving ideologies – all this only serves to destroy our world. Yet those in power keep it in place, to prevent the little guy from advancing. We're angry, we're frustrated, we're fed up - and we refuse to play that game. We're not willing to accept the ethics of greed. And we don't believe that's the only way to make it.

We have a better way. We choose a higher path, a more human path; a path that lets everybody prosper. With everything we do, from how we build our team to how we conduct our business, we're showing the world our core belief: that the right people, united by the right ideals and values, can change the world.

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Coming Soon:
A New angrycoders.com!

Posted 6 Jun 2014 by Steph  

There are big changes happening at Angry Coders right now - new team members, new clients, and the upcoming launch of Spartacus. To celebrate these exciting times, we've decided that our website deserves an upgrade too.

Keep an eye out over the next few days, as we add new content and refresh our look!